O.J. Again?

obamaedwards.jpgLast week in Iowa, John Edwards fielded a question from the audience regarding what he would do about the possibility of “payback” from the black community towards whites if Obama were elected. Referencing the O.J. case as an example, he said:

“How are you going to get that brought out in your campaign? Will the same thing happen? If he should become elected, you think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey are going to let him forget about that and their obligation?” the man said, not identifying who he meant by “he” and “him.” [Source: MSNBC]

When I read of this man’s question I was immediately reminded of a high school experience. I attended an affluent, predominantly white school where I was a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. club. One year, the president of the MLK club, an exceptionally bright and hard working brother from the deep ‘hood, decided to run for student body president. Take a wild guess at whether he won.

I distinctly remember concerns being voiced by some white students that he was going to turn the school into an MLK club were he elected. His rebuttal, “Are you worried that Chad will turn the school into a ski club? Are you worried that Sally will turn the school into a photography club?” Again, think he got elected?

Although the question wasn’t directed to Obama, I wish he could have laid it down like my boy did back in high school–exposing the question for what it was. Then again, he’d likely face the same fate.

*Hat tip to Tyrone*


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